Foot Surgery…here we go again

Hi All

So after recovering from previous foot surgery back in 2012, I am at it again with a operation on my right foot. Back in 2013 I started to get severe pain underneath my right 4th metatarsal head. I tried everything non surgical

  • Injections
  • Strapping
  • Orthotics x 2
  • I visited 2 orthopaedic surgeons here in Brisbane and both told me there was nothing wrong.

I then visited Dr Steven Hatcher of QCOS at The Wesley Hospital QCOS . Thats Australia for all you non aussies. At the consult Dr Hatcher asked all the normal questions and scans etc. He sent me for a X-ray and rang me saying that the 4th metatarsal head on my right foot appears to be lower than the others. Dr Hatcher had mentioned a possible fix which was a  BRT osteotomy BRT .

This involves cutting open the foot full length, cutting a V wedge of bone out and screwing it together to lift the head. Sounds easy right…..

Needless to say as this was frightening I left it and tried to put up with the pain. Oh god the pain…..anyone that is active and then has foot pain knows what I mean. My then spouse (now divorced) wouldn’t allow me to have surgery (long story).

Anyway I finally had enough and decided that as the pain was impacting on my everyday life and quality I would go ahead.

Foot pre surgery

Pre surgery model shot

On Tuesday the 5th April 2016 I went in for surgery. I was advised that I would not be able to weight bear or drive for six weeks minimum.  After that it was a wait and see if it works.


Taxi In

Taxi ride to hospital

I wished the driver could play Rise of the Valkyries to pump me up as I felt very nervous. Arrived and the usual check in like boarding a plane. Dressed into the sexy paper underwear and gown, no high end fashion here.

A hour later I’m the fresh meat on the table with faces covered and gowned up. Then out bang. Im not sure what time I woke upbut was discharged and don’t recall the taxi ride home.

After surgery

After surgery at the Wesley

Post Surgery

Its crutches time and lucidly where I stay is small. I used Endone for the first 4 days but that gave me constipation. Otherwise Panadol.

Its day 5, I’m stir crazy.I cannot drive and no one to speak with.  I have had some lovely calls from friends and friends i didn’t know I had which is great. How I will survive 6 weeks plus I don’t know.

Today is not so good, pain is high and I have come down with something. I have hot and cold flushes. Ache all over and generally feel like crap. Foot throbs and there isn’t much on TV and I have back issues so life is great.


Trying to be a good patient

I am not in a position to say go for the surgery but if you are like me and have been told suck it up maybe get a few opinions.

I will continue to post in case this it helps others.


Wednesday 13th April

Back again all, had  set back on Sunday I went to the emergency room where I thought the foot was infected. Appears I had a virus. Its been a week post surgery and I’m in a fair bit of pain. It changes during the day and find the lack of mobility etc to be so very mentally frustrating. I am very blessed to have a good friend who comes over to visit every few days.

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6 Months on

Hi all

Its been a while since Ive posted anything about the operation. The past two months have seen improvements. Let me break this down.


  1. Dec-Jan I was walking about 2km
  2. Currently I walk about 2.5-3km up to twice daily with some running.


  1. Reduction in pain from 6 to about a 3-4. Its constant but bearable.

The surgeon did say 6 months to be OK and 1 year to be good. So im hoping that it will improve more. I can do a hell of  a lot more  that what I could do pre-surgery and the pain is reduced. If that’s the measurement of success then i would say success. However being who I am I want more. I’m not an athlete (not even close) but want to be able to have the ability to walk freely with less pain.

I am happy to answer any questions about my surgery so feel free to email me.


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30 Days

Hi All

Its been 30 days since surgery and obviously i have had some set backs. The wound has not closed properly but its close. One last little stubborn bit to go as per the pic.


As you can se amy foot modelling days are behind me. P


Yep its still there while I have more movement in the toe, it still hurts like a —–. I am walking/hobbling on the outside edge of my foot or flat footed. I have started to wear runners (sneakers) and it hurts to walk. I try to do a proper walk and can only move slowly. After a number of steps it hurts  as if someones pushing a steel needle through the joint. The joint around the wound is very tight. I have still not returned to work and while I have more motion the pain stops me from doing any walking. Until next time enjoy your feet.

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CLOT Scare

Hi all
Progress is slow, foot painful and movement is done mainly on the outside edge of me foot. I try to take a proper step on the foot and the toe hurts like hell. Thinking happy place or is that just from Madagascar movie……anyway there are days where you wonder should have I got this done. I try to think positive with the belief that some time in the future I will be whole again. I have not braved the shops as I don’t believe I have the pain threshold to cope. Medical certificate expires next week but I cannot see myself going back to work (policing) yet not with the wound still being open and very limited movement. I had a scare that being I had unexplained pain in my chest so off to docs orders of the wife then off for a CT scan as they thought the clot may have moved to the chest. Phew all clear.I see people jogging and walking I feel so very envious of all those who can do that.

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Injections & DVT Follow up

Hi all quick note to say that as of this morning i completed my 10 days of Clexane injections. Today the little buggers hurt. I went for the follow ultrasound and see the doctors. Doc is happy with the clot in both size and location and advises I continue to wear the sexy compression sock for another 4 weeks. The best part was when he said “Oh if the leg hurts please come back as the clot has moved…”. Really Doc oh well go figure.

The other not funny part is the cost. Ultrasound is $309 per time (ive had 2). Hospital visit to see the Doc $260 each time (i went 4 times). These are separate to the actual surgery. Then I have the trips to the local Docs when the wound was infected @ $65 per visit (i went twice) and cost of antibiotics and dressings this  toe is a expensive number. You you think that it should be like a Ferrari by now with the cost.

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Well hi all or if anyone’s bothering then i have finished the course of antibiotics. The wound/incision is healing well with just the top part close to the toe to take. The toe and foot is very stiff and of course painful. To stand on the foot it feels like a squash ball underneath the wound. Very strange feeling indeed. Wednesday is D day with another ultrasound to determine the blood clot (DVT) and whether i need to go into hospital or not. The calf muscle is very stiff and if i take a few paces you get a very painful tearing/ ripping sensation. Take care and have a great weekend

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